Software and Software Firms

The listed software firms produce quality, consumer-interest-oriented products.  These products of these firms are reviewed periodically to assure that they meet the LifeGuide Standard

Type of Software Software firm's URL
Client Information Database Management CPU Tracker
Electronic Forms
Search Engine Doctor
Fillable Interactive Electronic Financial Forms
Quotations & Comparisons of U.S. life products
Risk Evaluation Software
Web based consumer-oriented life insurance comparisons (Canada)

The following requirements form part of the LifeGuide Standard:

The software is designed to benefit consumers

The software is user-friendly

The software is well documented

The software is reliable and accurate

The software provides sufficient and comprehensive detail

The product represents data objectively

The product is updated regularly

Where applicable, the software contains adequate
routines to minimize the potential for accidental use of 
outdated information

The software firm is independent of insurance marketing organizations