CompuOffice, "Innovation, Integrity and Expertise"TM

CompuOffice Software Inc. is a rapidly growing Canadian owned and operated specialty professional software firm.

Since its beginnings as a partnership formed in the late 1980s, CompuOffice is an innovator in custom software for the professions and for business and in the production of "turn key" application software.  The name CompuOffice was chosen in the late 1980s to reflect the firm's expertise in software for the computerization of office operations.  CompuOffice was also the name given to one of the firm's earlier products, the CompuOffice® office management and database system.

Since its inception in the late 1980's the mark CompuOffice - as well as other marks of the firm  - have become well known and synonymous with excellence, high value, reliability and top-notch service. Since its beginning the firm has enjoyed a successful, rapid, yet safe growth without compromising on product quality, service, reliability and value. The structure of the firm was changed from a partnership to a corporation in 1992.  The firm is a private firm and its shares are not traded on any stock exchange.  All software products produced by CompuOffice Software Inc are Year 2000 Compliant since the very early 1990s.

CompuOffice's clients include notable professionals and respected prestigious firms.

Products and Services:


The LifeGuide® Professional software is one of the well known and respected products of our firm.  LifeGuide was designed to serve the professional needs of consumer interest oriented insurance and financial planning practitioners.  In addition to its comprehensive financial planning modules, the LifeGuide Professional software is the most advanced and most comprehensive independent multiple-company financial and insurance research, evaluation, comparison, information and quotation software.

The LifeGuide Professional software continues to set new and higher standard for all multiple-company life insurance comparison, survey, evaluation, quotation and information software.  LifeGuide IS The Professional Choice®.  As we continuously enhance the LifeGuide Professional software, the wide consumer service and competitive advantage of LifeGuide subscribers continues to grow.  Our mission is to provide ever increasing value and benefit to our customers and thereby to our customers' clients while maintaining the firm's leadership, consumer-oriented service and innovative character.

For knowledgeable financial planning and insurance professionals, the LifeGuide Professional software is very easy to use.  LifeGuide operates under the modern Windows operating system platforms.   Use of LifeGuide does not require computer knowledge.  Use of the LifeGuide Professional software does, on the other hand, require good knowledge and understanding of financial concepts and of life insurance.  The LifeGuide Professional software, therefore, is most attractive to professional and knowledgeable consumer-interest oriented practitioners.

In addition to its comprehensive and advanced modules, the LifeGuide Professional Software includes the ProFin™ Financial Tool kit described below.

The LifeGuide Professional software is updated regularly, at least once a month, and updates are automatically distributed to LifeGuide subscribers by diskette and by upload from the dedicated LifeGuide update servers.

Twelve months subscriptions to the LifeGuide Professional software are $439.45 plus tax. 

The ProFin™ Financial Tool kit:

The Profin Financial Tool kit in Windows provides a compendium of advanced, yet very simple and easy to use suite of financial and financial planning modules.  Designed and produced to high standards of exactitude, ease of use and objectivity, the ProFin Financial Tool kit software includes:
-Investment analysis
-Cash flow and Return on Investment Analysis
-Commuted Values
-Comprehensive, yet very easy to use, Life Insurance Needs Analysis
-Comprehensive, yet very easy to use, Retirement Income and Savings Needs Analysis
-Comprehensive, yet very easy to use, Disability Income Needs Analysis
-Comprehensive, yet very easy to use, Mortgage, Investment & Loan Analysis

and more.

The life insurance, disability insurance and retirement income needs analysis modules are highly advanced and detailed.  For ease of use and virtually no "learning curve", the analysis modules provide a step-by-step Wizard to guide you through the various aspects of the respective analysis.  While enhancing ease of the use the Wizard functions also provide easy to understand explanations of each of the aspects being considered.

The Mortgage, Investment and Loans Analysis modules provide easy and comprehensive computations and analysis of mortgages, debt instrument investments and loans.  These computations and analysis provide for the flexibility to handle various payment frequencies, including Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual.  The same flexibility is also provided for computations and analysis involving Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual compounding.

Furthermore, 'prepayments', 'increased payments', 'reduced payments', 'skipped payments', 'fixed payments', interest adjustments, etc. are all provided for in the Custom Schedules.  "What if" studies as well as comprehensive, detailed schedules are as easy as point and click.

The ProFin Financial Tool kit is priced at $39.95 U.S. plus tax and shipping.  Financial information updates for the ProFin Financial Tool kit are priced at $9.95 plus tax per annum.


The CompeteUS™ Professional Term Comparison Software (For use in the USA)

The CompeteUS Professional Term Comparison Software is designed for use by consumer interest minded insurance agents, insurance brokers and financial advisors who strive to provide excellence in service and who seek to enhance their competitive edge.  The CompeteUS Professional Software contains an extensive database of hundreds of term insurance products by over 100 competitive and consumer-minded life insurance companies, and scans the entire range of term insurance products, including products with Return of Premium (ROP) options.  CompeteUS provides for research for single lives and multiple affiliated lives, and also provides the facilities to save and retrieve client and prospect demographics. 

At present (March 2005) a cost/benefit study is being done to examine the merits of inclusion of Joint, First and Last to die options on the CompeteUS software this year.  The decision will be made based on user feedback and competitive considerations.  The software routines for handling Joint Life, first and second to die on the CompeteUS software are now complete and tested.

CompeteUS provides the best value and efficiency and is also priced reasonably and fairly to allow every consumer minded financial advisor, insurance agent and insurance broker easy and affordable access.

For further information about this advanced and powerful term insurance software for the United States market, please visit



Interactive Forms

Our Interactive Forms Division produces custom, interactive electronic forms for various applications. 

Interactive Computerized Office and other electronic forms, such as the ExecuApp form, are designed to automate and simplify the form production, completion and communication process.  This includes automated and 'on demand' context-sensitive help and diagnosis, form printing and encrypted electronic storage and transmission.

Interactive Electronic forms are custom designed to client specifications.  For a quotation, please e-mail your request including contact information to [email protected] .


The CompuOffice® Database Management Software

The CompuOffice® Database management Software is an advanced, multi-purpose, flexible database and contact management software.

With advanced features, including multiple-field and/or field segment quick find and group search, easily modifiable fieldnames and filed properties, provision for multiple independent and self contained databases, text and sound, import and export, encryption for security, easy portability and backup, etc. CompuOffice is an excellent choice where user-customization, efficiency, portability and security are important.

The CompuOffice Database Management Software also provides unique FUD™ scripting for activation and running of external applications as well as for automation of CompuOffice maintenance procedures.

The CompuOffice Database Management software is priced at $399.95 U.S. plus tax and shipping.



ExecuWeb™ is a self contained package software that provides interactive tutorials, training and manuals.  Pricing is quoted on individual specifications basis.  For further details, please contact CompuOffice Software Inc.



KofeeCo™ is an easy to use means for insurance agents and brokers to establish their own web presence, including state of the art on-line term comparisons and quotations. For further details, please contact CompuOffice Software Inc. or visit™™ is a low cost web site and domain hosting service. With prices starting at $100 per year, HostWeb gives an affordable way to host a domain.   For further details, please contact CompuOffice Software Inc. or Visit


FUDR™ is a very easy to learn and use software utility and script language.  FUDR uses the FUD™ scripting language of CompuOffice® to activate and run various applications.  For information and fees please contact CompuOffice Software Inc.


PrefMaster-2000™ is a highly specialized field underwriting and risk evaluation software for intended for use by Canadian financial services brokers and agents, Canadian life underwriters and actuaries.  PrefMaster-2000 is the only multiple-company software available on the Canadian market to field underwrite and evaluate qualification criteria for both "standard" and "preferred" underwriting products.

The annual subscription fee for PrefMaster-2000 is $299 plus applicable taxes.  When one subscribes to both LifeGuide® and PrefMaster-2000, the annual subscription fee for PrefMaster is reduced to $99 plus applicable taxes.


AutoWeb™ is an automated "push-technology" software updating package for easy and reliable updating of software and data.  AutoWeb consists of two modules, "Server" and "Client".  The "Server" module is installed on the provider's servers whereas the "Client" module is installed on the customer's machine(s).  AutoWeb automatically advises the customer, through a pop-up window, whenever a software or data update is available for retrieval from the server.  The customer then is given the option to download immediately or to defer to a more convenient time.  AutoWeb also provides for Username and Password access control and protection.  In addition, the client module of AutoWeb can also serve as an Internet browser.  AutoWeb is available for annual licensing for a tax-excluded fee of $199 for the server module plus $5 for each client module that is distributed.


The COBBS™ is a full featured, Username and Password protected messaging and bulletin board system.  COBBS is quick and very easy to install on any Internet or Intranet server and provides for multiple messaging and message threads as well as for select access messaging, bulletins and threads.  COBBS is available for licensing at a fee of $299 per annum plus applicable taxes (minimum of a 3 year contract).  Hosting by CompuOffice Software Inc. is also available at very reasonable fees.


WinQuote™ is an automated on-line life insurance survey, comparison and evaluation software package.  WinQuote provides functions and capabilities of the LifeGuide® professional software, including the Ascertain™ functions and the Multi-Life(R) functions among others.

A free access version of WinQuote is accessible at

Customized versions of WinQuote are available at very reasonable rates from CompuOffice Software Inc.  The licensing fees for customized versions of WinQuote include web hosting by CompuOffice Software Inc.  For information, please call toll-free 1-888-316-5433 or e-mail to:  [email protected]

Custom Software

Our expertise and experience puts our firm in a position to be able to offer 'drawing board to distribution' software design, writing, testing, distribution and support.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for various needs and situations, including Y2K.  Consulting services are quoted individually as per client project specs.  Hourly consulting services are also available at the rate of $150 per hour plus applicable taxes.

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