The CompuOffice Database Management System

The CompuOffice Database Management System is a flexible, yet very powerful multiple-purpose package.  The system is easily adaptable for various purposes.  The following is a synopsis of a few of the capabilities and benefits of the CompuOffice Database Management System:

Item Detail
User Definable Field Names Yes: 20
User Definable Field Content types Yes, each of the 20 fields may be defined as:
-"As-is": Content recorded as entered
-"small": All letters converted to lower case
-"CAPITAL": All letters converted to upper case
-"Name": First letter after 'non-letter' character converted to upper case (also, first letter after the letter combination "Mc" converted to upper case)
-"Date/Time": Accepts "date" and "time" entries
-"TimeStamp": Automatically date and time stamps each record upon creation.
-"Numeric": Accepts any numeric input
-"Amount": Accepts two decimal place numeric input
-"Calc": Accepts input of formula and will calculate and display and retain results of calculation
Special Characters Yes, including foreign fonts
Number of Databases Can hold and use up to 50 different databases per drive and each database can be of different structure and for different purposes
File Notes-text Each record can have multiple "notebooks".  Notebooks have word-processing capabilities as well as import-export.  All data is stored in encrypted format, accessible only by the CompuOffice system.
File Notes-Voice Included
"Food Files" No, you can't store your lunch here but you can "feed" and activate any external program with the "Food File" functions.  "Food Files" are easy to learn and write scripts which "mimic" normal keyboard input you would make with the external program. For example, customized CompeteUS(tm) files and LifeGuide(R) CDs to subscribers are produced using pre-programmed "Food Files" in the CompuOffice Database Management System (CompeteUS(tm) and LifeGuide(R) are some of our firm's products for professional insurance advisors in the US, Europe and Canada) 
Archiving Each CompuOffice Database can be archived into a highly compressed .COA file (COA stands for CompuOffice Archive).  Archiving may be done with or without password or pass sentence protection and each is highly encrypted to demanding standards.  Note: if you forget your password or pass-sentence, even we will not be able to "crack the code"
Data Protection CompuOffice automatically updates its indecies (on up to 20 fields simultaneously) so should there be a power failure or other abnormal closure of the program, CompuOffice will normally recover without loss of data or data integrity.
Telephone and Modem Dialing and e-mail creation The dialing feature in CompuOffice will dial telephones and modems using the numeric or alpha-numeric content of the field of your choice.  CompuOffice will also automatically launch your e-mail client, ready for communication when an e-mail address is clicked on a data file
PDF output CompuOffice has its own, built-in PDF output creator (There is no need to purchase a separate PDF creation program)
Record Addition Quick and easy record addition by a single mouse click or keystroke command. New Records can also be imported from other CompuOffice Database applications and from other programs.
Record Modification Quick and easy record modification by a single mouseclick or keystroke command.
Instant sort and present A single mouse click or keystroke will automatically "sort" all records by content of any of the 20 fields
Instant Locate A single mouse click or keystroke will bring you to a virtually instant location of any record by the content of any of the 20 searchable fields
Search by Criteria Quick search of all records which match user input criteria in one or any combination of fields.  For instance (assuming you have the information entered) you can search a plumbing supply database for all half inch copper pipes which are longer than 3 feet, shorter than 10 feet, delivered less than a year ago and all the fittings which are made for this pipe.  
Key Dataset Assignments Any record can be assigned to any key dataset and different records may be opened by each of the 20 possible Datasets
Addition and Deletion of DataSets (DataSets are internal quick key and focus indexes for instant location of data in the database, regarless of size of the database and number of records.)  Addition and Deletion of Datasets can be invoked with a single mouse click or keystroke.  Deleted Datasets can be recovered virtually instantly.
Printing Labels, form letters, regular letters and text, listings, etc. may be all printed to any installed physical or virtual printer, "to file"  or to PDF
Expression Evaluator A four memory, 70 figure long calculator and expression evaluator is included.  Various pre-programmed expressions may be entered for subsequent 'single keystroke' computations and evaluations.

The CompuOffice Database Management System operates under the Windows Operating Systems, and is best suited for installation under Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. 

 The CompuOffice Database Management System, with all its power and flexibility will occupy significantly less disk space and requires significantly less RAM than many less sophisticated database management programs.

For further details or to purchase the CompuOffice Database Management System, Contact CompuOffice Software Inc. or one of its dealers.  CompuOffice Software Inc. is represented in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.